Future Tech-1

  • Author: Amit Gupta
  • ISBN: 978-93-92801-29-7
  • Edition: First
  • Publisher: Five Fingers
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Summary: Learning objectives is a snapshot of topic headings that we are going to cover in the chapter. Do you know provides additional knowledge in completing the learning. • Fact File helps in engaging the interest of children by knowing the facts and figures about the topic. • Quick Backup provides a quick recap of what you have learnt in this chapter Check Your Learning is a quick way to check what students have gained from the chapter. Exercise help students understand their progress towards course goals. Application Based Questions enable children, to help solve problems and make thinking more engaging through real-life situations. Fun Zone helps children reinforce their learning while enjoying the activity simultaneously. Lab Session aims at understanding and skill developing in specific subject practically. Higher Ordered Thinking Skills throw light on additional knowledge to generate new ideas. Project Work helps students to apply what they have gained from the chapters in real life scenarios. Step by step approach to learn about Artificial intelligence.