Future Tech-1

  • Author: Amit Gupta
  • ISBN: 978-93-92801-29-7
  • Edition: First
  • Publisher: Five Fingers
  • Rating:

Summary: • Learning objectives is a snapshot of topic headings that we are going to cover in the chapter.
• Do you know provides additional knowledge in completing the learning
• Fact File helps in engaging the interest of children by knowing the facts and figures about the topic.
• Quick Backup provides a quick recap of what you have learnt in this chapter.
• Check Your Learning is a quick way to check what students have gained from the chapter.
• Exercise help students understand their progress towards course goals.
• Application Based Questions enable children, to help solve problems and make thinking more engaging through real-life situations.
• Fun Zone helps children reinforce their learning while enjoying the activity simultaneously.
• Lab Session aims at understanding and skill developing in specific subject practically.
• Higher Ordered Thinking Skills throw light on additional knowledge to generate new ideas.
• Project Work helps students to apply what they have gained from the chapters in real life scenarios.
• Step by step approach to learn about Artificial intelligence.